Holly’s Bridal Shower

My daughter Holly’s Bridal Shower.

I have a very special occasion coming up in November where I have the absolute pleasure  of marrying my daughter Holly and her partner James.

This will be such a humbling experience for me and no doubt there will be a few happy tears.

This weekend, my eldest daughter Amy organised a bridal shower for her sister. It was beautiful, and completely in the style and theme of what Holly would want.

As we entered the property, there were mason jars on the side of the fence filled with beautiful daffodils out of the garden, as we got close to the house there was a sign greeting us and written on the pathway in chalk were little love hearts and a special message for Holly.

Once inside, the ambience of the lounge with its pink and white decorations was just beautiful.

Four pallets were placed in the middle of the floor, stacked two high with lace runners. Little glasses had been decorated with cut out flowers and pasted on the side of pink plates.

Mason jars were filled with paper roses of all different colours and placed down the middle of the pallets.

On another table lay the food, donuts – white and pink with sprinkles, pancakes with whipped cream and chocolate chip sprinkles and white and pink cup cakes. 

A huge jug with its own tap was filled with iced water and decorated with raspberry ice cubes as well as a delicious spiked punch which was so tasty that I had to remind myself it would have a wee punch if I kept drinking. 

It was a wonderful day and even though the decorations, games and food were amazing, it was about friends and family sharing special time with the bride-to-be.

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